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We solve WEEE, e-waste, battery and packaging compliance

How we help you

We offer a comprehensive, global environmental compliance service from our offices in Europe and the USA. We specialize in WEEE e-waste, battery  and packaging compliance, taking the pressure off you from initial assessment, through the registration processes all the way to final sales reporting and recycling management.

Obligation Assessment

We analyze your sales model and product lines to determine where you have legal obligations.

Data reporting

We track deadlines as well as analyzing and reporting your sales data to every country that requires it.

Registration Implementation

We take care of your registrations in every country that you need to be compliant in.

Ongoing Management

We monitor legislation changes and any alterations to your sales models to ensure you remain compliant.

The right choice

We transform your sales data and extract the numbers needed for each country to ensure all reporting is accurate.

With offices in the USA and Europe, we are always in your time-zone and can help you with compliance globally.

Having your own account manager means you always know who can help you and that they know your business inside-out.

As an authorized producer compliance scheme for WEEE, we can truly provide a one-stop solution for UK compliance.

Every country has its own specialist to track changes in legislation and ensure we know the rules back-to-front.

All external communications come via us, so we act as your compliance department and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Do you need help determining your obligations?

Extended Producer Responsibility

The European Union, the USA and Canada, as well as many other countries around the world, have implemented producer legislation to minimize the environmental impact when placing goods on the market.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is the act of ensuring that the producer of a product is responsible for the product during its whole life cycle, including ensuring the possibility of environmentally sound disposal at end of life.

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Useful Documentation

There is enough written about WEEE, ewaste, batteries and packaging to fill it’s own library, but there are a few key texts that can help lay out the key legislation in the EU, the USA and Canada.

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